Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Sep 24

I recently bought a set of “How to Play Cigar Box Guitar” cds by Keni Lee Burgess. They are great, but didn't come with printed material to practice from. So, I made my own.

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3 String - I III V

Sep 19

Mostly, I see people talking about a I V I tuning for 3 string guitars. I wanted to explore a I III V tuning so that I could make proper chords. You lose the octave, but you gain a note. Here is what that fretboard could look like. As a bonus I jotted down various scales for

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Why does this site exist?

Sep 15

I am fairly new to making music. It wasn't a part of my childhood. Music seemed like a magical thing that a select few could create and others, like myself, could only consume. Over the past four years, I've been playing my wife's Strat and slowly teaching myself a little about music theory.

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